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COLOURFUL VIBRATION'S is a rich selection of songs written, recorded and produced by the artist Samuel J.

All music written, recorded and produced by Samuel Tellam - all rights reserved -

Pre master engineering of tracks Riding The Storm and Believe in You by Brendon Crehan - - Big shout out to Brendan Crehan, a genius at your work the next project should be allot easier !! All tracks mastered at Optimum Studios Bristol.

The album was recorded in Meadow Studio Cornwall, Na Matta Studios Floripa Brazil, and Living Rhythm Studios New York.
Percussion, Beat box, Guitar, Vocals, MC, Keys, Mandolin, Loop Pedal, Samuel Tellam.
Cello, Colourful Vibration, Love Not Fear, Turtle played by Ben.
Keys, Just One, Believe In You played by Brendon Crehan.
Vocals, Silhouettes, Wake Jodie Tellam.
Jembay, Silhouettes and intro played by Daniel Bailey.


This album has been a long journey. Colourful Vibration's is a selection of songs that I wrote whilst traveling and I'm hoping it portrays some of the deep emotions of that journey - I've always been extremely struck by earths beauty and despite all the chaos that weighs her down I try and remain a believer in the greater goodness that still exists in this world. Music puts me in touch with that and I guess that goodness is the Colourful Vibration, which is in us all.
The album is dedicated to my beloved Uncle and Grandfather two incredible spirits who loved the world and its many colours.
I hope there is something for everyone to feel here .
I would like to express gratitude to all those who have showed love and given there support to my ambition's. If it was'nt for the great friendships in my life this album would never have come to exist.
First and foremost to my family! The unwavering love of my mum and dad, who have never failed to be there -  To my sister Tracy for all her belief! To my beloved nephew Joss, who I watch grow with great pride! My incredible Grandmother of 96 who is a marvel to us all. To Neil for getting me started on this musical ques! And a special appreciation for sister Jodie for always inspiring me with your endless compassion as a sister and gift as a singer song writer I'm proud to share this journey with you x  
To my true friends Richie M, Ostins, Chiffers, Mc Namara, Muir, My musical bros Blizzard, Jago, Dan Bailey, Morgan V, Alex P, Cornish crew The Vennings, Sammy C, SSC massive haha! Michael, N Waller, Megan V, Ollie W, Sam M, Georgie B, Dom Youngman, Brookes and fam, Jesse D, Lowndes, Hannah, Julyian Wallis, Jan, Scottie H, Spencly and family!

Floripa magic island blessings to Tuca, William M, Mondadori family, Pessoa family, Meus irmoes Thiago, Caio, Rodrigo F, Bruno, To Eve Mendes, July, Fabio, Leonardo !!  Mariana S,to all the crew at Jeco da matta studious, to radio Itapema To,Karina and the Borin family,  Familia de Rosa Marcio ! Pico do Tribo- Sao Paulo Jason Salles, e familia Michelly, Rick Dub !!  Dj Nuts, Viega, Thiago, Simone! e nois !! Pedro the amazing poet ! Love to my angels Carolina and Aline A, in RIO !!  tamo juntos !
To my beloved Brightonians ! The Payne family, James B, To Liam, and Brendon this is our year ! To the special ones in London Matt B, Louis Michel, whom's amazing artwork blesses this album - Krister, Angelita.

To my angel Vanessa in Canada to my boys in BC Matt and Josh and the Goyert family Brother Eric in Egypt.
To my family in Australia ! Tasmin I'm coming back ! To Jayson Layfield, Tim Just.
Tons of love from the depths of my soul.


Samuel J